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We provide a broad range of services

to our startup clients at affordable rates.

We provide a broad range of transactional services to our startup clients at affordable rates, including entity formation, stock option plans, angel and venture financing transactions, corporate governance, and other commercial and business matters.


​As a former software general counsel, Matt has an appreciation of the risks associated with pursuing a new business venture and has an understanding of the unique issues and challenges facing today’s entrepreneurs.  Our ability to relate to our clients makes us better equipped to deal with their legal needs.


​As counsel for startups, we not only negotiate investment terms, but also work closely with the founders prior to fundraising, developing strategies for identifying and pitching investors.  Once funding has been identified, we will work with our clients to develop a long-term funding roadmap.

We understand that most early stage companies need capital to grow.  The firm regularly represents companies in pre-seed, angel rounds, and later stage financings.


The firm advises clients on state and federal securities law compliance, and helps issuers navigate the exemption and filing process with the SEC and other state equivalents.

Companies interested in raising investment capital must comply with state and federal securities laws when issuing securities.  We advise clients on state and federal securities law compliance and help issuing companies navigate the exemptions and filing process with state regulatory offices and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Whether your company wishes to offer common stock, preferred stock, SAFEs, or the latest flavor in investment vehicles, we can help.

We represent established business owners in a wide range of mergers, acquisitions and other strategic transactions, whether as sellers or buyers.

Our firm has over $6 billion in merger and acquisition experience across all types of industries: software, media, healthcare, manufacturing, financial services, and a variety of other industries.  For a list of representative clients, click here

For startup entrepreneurs, we provide strategy advice on how to position the company so it is attractive to potential suitors. 

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